Umpire Resources

Updated Monday September 10, 2018 by Umpire-in-Chief.


Umpire Resources: All umpires must fill out the Volunteer Form and submit a certificate of Concussion Training. Umpires who would like to be paid must fill out the W-9 form and the DLL Umpire Contract available below.

For the 2018 Background Check, please follow this link to the 2018 Volunteer Form:

Volunteer Form

For the required concussion training, please follow this link and complete the training. Then please upload the certificate using the Upload link.

Concussion Training

Upload Link - Concussion Certificate

If you plan to be paid as an umpire, please fill out the following and bring to training:

W-9 form

DLL Umpire Contract

DLL Local Rules for 2018
DLL Umpire Contract.pdf
Principles and terminology of Umpiring.pdf
Umpire Positioning-Checklist.pdf
W-9 Form.pdf