Davis Little League Updates Boundaries

Updated Monday November 7, 2016 by Davis Little League.

Davis Little League Updates Boundaries
In the past few years, especially in our lower age groups, we have seen a disproportionate number of players in the National League.  That, combined with the new housing at Cannery (in the NL part of the map) has caused us to change our maps to find better balance.
The area north of Covell and East of Pole Line (often called Wildhorse, but there’s more than just that) will now be in the American League.

The new boundary map can be viewed here -->  New Boundary Map
If you are an affected family who has registered in the National League and would like to stay there, Little League allows you to do that.  You need to fill out the form linked below again and return it to the registrar.  You need to submit it NO LATER than 2/1/17 to be considered for All-Star District Play.
Of course, regardless of where you live, you can register and play in the league where your child’s school is located.

2017 Boundary Waiver