Fall Ball

Updated Monday September 10, 2018 by Davis Little League.

Fall Ball Registration is Closed

Games start September 17, 2018

Fall Ball FAQ

       Please check the League Calendar for all dates.


  • What Divisions are offered in Fall Ball?
    • Fall Ball is for AA, AAA, Majors & 50/70 or Juniors


  • What level should my child play during Fall Ball?
    • Fall Ball offers several levels of play, 50/70 or Juniors, Majors, AAA and AA.   
    • 50/70 or Juniors is for kids who have aged out of Little League Majors and want to continue play.
    • Majors is for kids who played in Majors during the Spring 2018 Season OR who are ready to play in Majors in 2019.
      • NOTE – District All-Star Players are required to tryout for Majors.
    • AAA is for the players who are ready for AAA baseball in 2019.  This may include some players who played AAA last season as well as some who played AA.
      • NOTE – LL Age 10 year olds are required to attend an evaluation session (i.e. tryout)
    • AA level is for those players who are not ready for AAA baseball and would benefit from a skills camp refresher. This AA Fall Ball level will stress skills development and include game situations. 


  • When does registration start?
    • Registration closes at the end of day on Friday 8/24
    • 2018 Player Evaluations Wed 8/29 & Thu 8/30 @ 6:00 PM
    • Players will be assigned a 30 minutes time slot for evaluations.


  • When does the season start?
    • Games begin around 3rd or 4th week of September
    • Games will end around the 3rd week of November


  • What is the Little League Age Chart and why do we use next year’s?
    • Fall Ball is for prospective 2019 Majors, AAA and AA players with 2018 Little League ages 7-12.   You can determine your child's 2019 Little League or Baseball age from the linked table under the left Registration Menu drop-down.


  • Can I request a specific coach?
    • Yes, you can use the "Special Requests" section of the registration form to request a coach or friend placement.  We will try to honor requests, but our over-riding objective is to balance the skill levels of the various teams.  AAA and Majors teams are formed using a draft format so special requests cannot be accommodated.
    • Siblings will be placed together on the same team.  Unless one is not ready to play at the same level. 


  • When will I be notified of my child's team placement?
    • You should hear from your child's coach by Sept. 11, 2018 once all player tryouts and drafts have completed
    • Games start on start Monday Sept. 17, 2018


Fall Ball is currently open to all players eligible to play AA, AAA, or Majors.
Registration closes at the end of day on Friday August. 24, 2018
Boot Camp is a great way to give your player a crash course in skills and emerse them in activities to hone their fundametals for the upcoming Fall Ball Season.