Enterprise Game Summaries

Updated Monday March 6, 2017 by Davis Little League.

Game Summary Submissions

The Davis Enterprise publishes the Davis Little League Page each week.  Recaps are due by Noon Tuesday.  If you don’t see a recap from your favorite Majors or AAA team, talk to that team’s scorekeeper or manager.  Both teams should submit a game summary form.

How to Submit Summary Forms?   Game summaries will only be received electronically.  Completed forms will no longer be collected on site.

Dowload Summary Form:  Click Here to Download

Option 1:  Turn in electronically via email with photo

  • Grab a blank form from the designated bin within the DLL Managers Room (behind snack shack door). 
  • Complete the form during or after the game
  • Take a photo of the form with your phone 
  • Upload with your phone to DLL Dropbox - http://bit.ly/dll-enterprise
  • Deadline is Tuesday @ noon.

Option 2:  Turn in electronically via email with pdf

  • Download Game Summary Form Above 
  • Complete the form on your computer and save (example file name: Majors A's Orioles 031615.pdf)
  • Upload to DLL Dropbox - http://bit.ly/dll-enterprise
  • Deadline is Tuesday @ noon.