Updated Tuesday February 16, 2016 by Davis Little League.

Score Keeping

Who Are the Scorekeepers?

Davis Little League Scorekeepers are all volunteer parents who dedicate their time and efforts to keeping track of team statistics for their Little League team. Each team needs one parent to step up and volunteer to be the team's scorekeeper.

At the beginning of each season, Davis Little League provides a scorekeeper training clinic. DLL encourages parents to volunteer for scorekeeping in the Farm division to begin learning how to keep score, how to track pitch count, on-base percentages, hits, walks, and errors. As scorekeepers move up a division with their child, they become more adept at being a solid scorekeeper.

Help set a positive example - become a scorekeeper for your child's team!

Scorekeeping Resources

Following are reference materials you can use to get up to speed on scorekeeping, or to refresh your knowledge. These materials are used in the DLL scorekeeping clinics.